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Why Customers Love Us

Compliant with doinstruct
Andreas Haug
Milchwerk Crailsheim-Dinkelsbühl

“The feeling of holding a training course in front of your employees that you had been preparing for days or weeks and then knowing that 60% of the employees didn't understand you was no longer bearable for me. With doinstruct we can now train targeted departments specifically and in your native language in your area and achieve success immediately. In the last audits we were able to handle the enormously important issue of training quickly and successfully.”

Compliant with doinstruct
Nicole Scherrenbacher
Leitung Managementsysteme

“With doinstruct we have finally found an online training system that is easy to use and enables a variety of training courses in production and administrative environments in different languages. Thanks to the low administration effort, we can save time and efficiently carry out training courses in an audit-proof manner. Through constant further development of the system, customer-specific requests are also implemented quickly.”

Compliant with doinstruct
Richard Bard
Bard Frische Küche

“Durch die Verwendung gewohnter Medien und die absolute zeitliche Flexibilität, wird die Akzeptanz der Schulungen bei den Mitarbeitern enorm gesteigert. Nach den ersten Erfahrungen der digitalen Schulung können wir eine sehr positive Bilanz ziehen und werden diesen Weg mit unseren Mitarbeitern weiter gehen.”

Compliant with doinstruct
Verena Neuberger

“The legal requirements for initial and compulsory instructions have become increasingly complex and time-consuming. Thanks to Doinstruct, our onboarding process has fundamentally changed. Not only do we save costs, we also save time for everyone involved.”

Compliant with doinstruct
Vivian Pfoh
Head of Quality

"Since the changeover of our training system, we have benefited from a much more transparent overview of the data and are able to fully convince audits and certifications thanks to the ease of use. Doinstruct helps us to train all our production employees in a wide variety of languages in an effective and user-friendly way. We are also impressed by the continuous optimization of processes and the open and constructive communication with Doinstruct."

How it works


Personalized training link

Experience our simple onboarding process that ensures that every employee is fully equipped. Send personalized training links via SMS, email, or QR code in their preferred language before they even start.


Barrier-free authentication

You have better things to do than reset passwords and help users, right? That's why we focus on making authentication easy and compliant.


Welcome and Onboarding

Deliver a seamless blend of onboarding, information and pre-employment training to empower new hires for a successful start


Training meets Entertainment

Combine our engaging videos with your content for effective and entertaining employee training.

Plug and play: Simply add your personal content to the training videos

Minimal Effort, Maximum Flexibility

Rapidly create custom trainings or send small reminder

Effortlessly transform presentations, documents, videos, and reels into impactful training lessons for your team. Activate with ease and adapt swiftly to new requirements or integrate into automated training paths!

We keep you compliant from A-Z ...


Hosted in Europe

We safeguard your data through secure processing and comply with GDPR rights.


Made in Germany

doinstruct is designed and built by our team in Osnabrück and Berlin.


Built with enteprise-grade security

All of our services comply with ISO 27001, which ensures the integrity of customer data and guarantees service continuity.


Your audit preparation? Now at the touch of a button.

Software that Matches Your Pace: Create, Manage, and Measure Training Courses with Lightning Speed and Real-Time Results!

Forget tedious instructions and enhance your training experience!

Without doinstruct

High turnover and frustration

People have a lack of training, miss important connections and are prone to mistakes.

Costly and time-consuming

Long, ineffective, complicated lectures that waste countless hours of your staff's time.

Burned-out professionals & executives

Expensive specialists waste time on Excel analysis, face-to-face training and troubleshooting.

With doinstruct

A culture of safety and knowledge excellence

Unlocking full potential: empowered, well trained employees from day one.

High efficiency & productivity

Streamlined training automation frees up production capacity for the most efficient use of resources.

Time for what's important

Professionals have an overview of all data at all times and can make fast, data-driven decisions.

Why choose doinstruct?

Happy employees

By providing simple, multilingual training at eye level.

Simply compliant

Access to all necessary trainings that comply with regulations.

> 40% cost savings

Boost productivity and save hours with intuitive software and smart automations.

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